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We Honor our US Troops, Veterans, First Responders, MIA's and P.O.W's.
 We are Family Oriented. Bringing the Hearts of America together by Streaming Live Radio Shows from Coast to Coast , Supporting Independent Artists and Spinning Timeless Music. Please Contact us. We thank you for  your support. Become a sponsor today!!
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By Gods grace we will Save Lives and Save Families while bringing those lost to the light and love of Jesus Christ.. If you would like to give a heart felt contribution to our mission. You will receive a wristband for your support.. contact me 904 229 8150

We have much work ahead of us.. We are Planning a Protest Ralley in Jacksonville Florida in front of City Hall, The Courthouse & Gateway Rehab Center.. If you would like to be part of this Movement and become a voice for Truth & Change.. and make a difference.. Please feel free to contact me.. 904 229 8150.. 

Brittany Withers had mustered up the courage and surrendered herself to GET CLEAN at Gateway.. They Turned Her AWAY!! She was devastated!!.. She ended up going to Jail.. The Judge sentenced her to Rehab..They were supposed have a room ready..Instead she was told she may have to wait 5 days in the lobby with the Homeless... She was unsupervised and she left.. She was gonna turn herself in.. Instead God took her home to Heaven to be with Jesus.. NOBODY SHOULD EVER BE TURNED AWAY FOR HELP!! Her VOICE Cries out FOR TRUTH and CHANGE.. Through our Mission from God to Create the Brittany Act we can SEAL THE CRACKS IN THE SYSTEM and SAVE LIVES!! Along with American Hearts Radio Entertainment Network, Honor Veterans Radio, Hands & Feet Foundation, Slay the Dragon and Shine his Light Ministry WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and SAVE LIVES as well as SAVING OTHERS to get thrown through the CRACKS IN THE SYSTEM.. GOD BLESS ..

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Christmas Day 2014 - RIP My Friend.. My Brother.. You gave me Inspiration,Guidance, Friendship and love..You opened doors for me in my career in Entertainment.. You believed in me.. I will remember the great conversations and the many times we shared the stage.. I will never forget the laughs and good times.. I love you Rick.. Thank You for being part of my life.. I will never forget your beautiful Vocals when you sang Hallelujah, God has a bigger job for you now bro..See you in Heaven when God calls my name.. Guitar & Vocals - Rick Marshall (Schoolcraft) Southern Boys Band on First Coast Living. 2013 in Jacksonville Fla. Note: Rick wearing the Black jacket I gave him as a Christmas gift.. It was given to me by Donnie Vanzant of 38 Special.. " The Jacket fit Rick perfect..He is playing the Guitar Signed by Donnie & Johnny Vanzant .. You are and always have been a Star my friend.. I will miss you brotherrman. 

Brittany's Ghost Girls Episode 1 & 2 "Black Cross Cemetery" many people died on this locationfrom influenza around the turn of century - Executive Producer Caught this ghostly spiritual image on tape when one of the girls flashed the camera during filming of the show.

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